Rights in Exile Programme

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Business Development and Fundraising Consultant

The purpose of the consultancy is to design and develop a functioning business plan for this website, along with budgets and funding plans.


  1. Market research and needs assessment – primary research-based needs assessment that can be used to support funding applications (to submit at the end of week 8)

  2. Five-year budget

  3. Project sustainability. Analyse the ongoing demand and opportunities for sustaining immigration advice capacity building support. This will include considering models for providing sustainable models for offering this support such as, but not only, social investment and social replication models.

  4. A logical framework with clearly outlined:

    • Objectives
    • Activities
    • Outcomes
    • Impacts
  5. A comprehensive funding plan with a list of appropriate grants

  6. A minimum of three appropriate funding proposals (in agreement with the board)

The comprehensive business plan including points 1 to 6 should be 25 to 30 pages, including Appendices, if any. 

Consultant Criteria:

We will use the following criteria in assessing tenders.

Essential experience:

  • Significant understanding of the use of technological solutions in development/humanitarian sector
  • Excellent track record of producing successful funding/business development proposals
  • Experience of conducting primary research within the NGO sector for the purpose of needs assessment
  • Strong budgetary development skills, including an understanding of sustainability and match funding
  • Significant knowledge of funding opportunities for international development/humanitarian work

Evaluation, Timetable, Budget and Project Management

The maximum budget for the project is £7500, inclusive of travel and expenses. Please include a detailed budget with your proposal, as specified below. 

Key Dates

Applications due

29th March 2020

Interviews (by Skype)

1st April 2020

Anticipated start date:

13th April 2020

First draft:

13th May 2020

Final Draft:

29th May 2020

Suitable funding applications identified

31st December 2020

At least 3 funding applications made

31st December 2020

This project will be managed by one or two Trustees, who will facilitate access with other partners in the project. At least one monthly meeting (online if necessary) will be expected as part of the project)

Application process

Applications will be assessed by the Board of Trustees. The key dates are below. Please submit a CV and a written proposal in a word or pdf format no longer than three pages to Tabea Dilling (tabea.dilling[at]amerainternational.org) comprising the following:

  • Your experience;
  • Your approach to the work, covering each of the deliverables; 
  • High level delivery plan specifying key milestones; 
  • Key risks and ethical issues to be considered;
  • Your budget which includes: Staffing costs, travel expenses, administrative costs. Include VAT, or if VAT is not chargeable specify this;
  • Two referees.

Proposals should be submitted by midnight on the 29th March 2020 to tabea.dilling[at]amerainternational.org. Interviews will take place via Skype the following week. Please contact Tabea Dilling on the above email if you have any questions.



We are always looking for volunteers. Applicants must have knowledge of or interest in learning about refugee issues, refugee law, and developing research skills, and have good English writing and computing skills. Individual projects within this work include LGBTI issues, family reunion, deportation and fundraising; French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and other language skills are a distinct asset.

We also maintain a list of other related internships, listed here .